Global Data Networks

Providing communications in Ukraine

About us

We operate on the ISP & hosting market since 2016 and strive to satisfy every customer in an individual way. We attend to the biggest TED's within Ukraine with objective of improving the Internet. Our company has made very progessive steps within a year after being estabilished, making our own IX directly to Kiev and other local ISPs in the Eastern Ukraine. Our area of operating is considered as high risk for investments due to political instability, thus we are one of very the few communication providers at this area. We invest into most modern hardware on the market in order to avoid most common today's problems that people face, helping them to have stable and secure communications.

Our datacenter

  • 24/7 operative support
  • 100 GBiT physical links
  • Advanced cooling systems
  • Redundant power 70 KVa (UPS & Backup fuel generators)
  • Biometric access & kevlar reinforced walls
  • Reduced circle of trust
  • Video/audio 24/7 closed circuit recording
  • Offshore location
  • Caring about privacy
  • We support cryptocurrencies and accept them

Our mission

Since there are very few companies who invest into communications due to political high risk in Eastern Ukraine, we have an objective of doing our best to solve current problems of communications in this area. We challenge the most difficult ones that are related with underground, underwater and terrestrial cabling, organizing and co-operating with local state administrations to help them avoid any common mistakes.